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Birth Stories and Testimonials

Please enjoy these comments, birth stories, and testimonials. If you have been a client you are welcome to share your story and experience. Names have been omitted to preserve the privacy of clients. **These are individual experiences shared here. As everyone is unique in what works for them and how they progress through birth, individual results will vary.**

Working with Nancy was pivotal to my daughter’s beautiful natural birth. I first sought out Nancy because I knew I wanted to do hypnosis as a pain management technique, and in the process I also found an incredible doula. baby

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The hypnosis was key to managing labor- it was difficult and challenging, but the pictures of me are so relaxed, I look like I am sleeping. I was able to dialate 8 cm laboring at home using her techniques, and I literally had a thought that I wasn’t sure this was labor because the contractors I was feeling were manageable. I was concerned as a very left brained person that I wouldn’t be able to do hypnosis, or that it wouldn’t work for me. But Nancy has many tools in her kit and is not limited by a certain program or hypnosis technique to help her clients manage pain and stress. I felt very calm and in control, and if this feeling started to waiver, Nancy and my husband were there.

In addition to her hypno-birthing techniques, partnering with Nancy as my doula and childbirth educator was instrumental to the bigger picture of birth. I look back at the kind of natural birth I knew I wanted, but I was not on that path until I found Nancy. She has so much experience and wisdom that I felt completely safe and supported during my pregnancy and labor. She was like my birth concierge- guiding me to books, resources and information, having thoughtful conversations, helping my husband and me to prepare ourselves to have the best possible birth. Her qualifications and experience are impressive- I feel like we got a doula, hypnotherapist and midwife all in one! There was a point during my labor at home where Nancy knew I was experiencing back labor and my baby was likely posterior. Then she put me in a very unpleasant position leaning over my counter, and I thought- what the heck? I thought my doula was supposed to help me? And really, she was doing just that! She helped me through these difficult contractions and my baby turned, easing the way for the rest of her journey into the world. I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing and empowering birth experience, and I could not have done it without Nancy!

Megan D. 2014

I wanted to let you know that our baby was born on Friday! The birth went about as perfectly as we could have hoped for. It was a very quick and smooth birth.

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My water broke at around 10:45 Thurs night, and contractions almost immediately followed at about 5 minutes apart. We labored at home for a few hours and started using the triggers pretty quickly since the contractions were pretty intense. I didn't end up "stepping away" the way that I had in practicing, but the hypnosis definitely helped me relax and open up. D (hubbie) did a great job of supporting me through the contractions and feeding me liquids.

I think the hardest part for me was the drive to the birth center-having to sit uncomfortably in the car with such intense 2-3 minute contractions while he drove. I used Track 5 pretty much the whole drive. We got the birth center at about 3:30am. The last couple of contractions in the car I was already starting to push a little! I was 9 or 10 cm dilated when we got in there. I hopped in the tub and immediately started pushing. During pushing I was completely in my own world and I felt like I totally let my body take over.

The midwife said it was one of the most beautiful births she had ever seen and that I weaved the baby out, which is funny because I had no idea I was weaving. Our baby came out nice and healthy 8 lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. We are in love with him!

Thanks for your help in preparing for the birth. I know it would not have gone so smoothly without my skills of being able to relax and open and to trust my body. The midwife said I was a "poster child for hypnobirthing." I feel great about how everything went-I'm kind of in awe that my body could just go ahead and do exactly what it needed to do to give birth to my baby.

E.H., February 2010

nursing babyNancy, deciding to work with you was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Not only were the hypnosis for birth skills essential tools to have in our toolbox to achieve the natural birth we so desired, doing our 'homework' and practicing the skills really helped us to create a special bond in our relationship. And we can't imagine our birth experience without you there as our doula.

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You were amazing and a great, invaluable support - especially through the most 'intense' moments. Thank you again so much! It has been more than a pleasure working with you. If we are still in the area for baby number 2, we will for sure be calling on you again!

Amanda M., December 2009

I am indebted to Nancy for her wonderful childbirth hypnosis work. Before Nancy’s program I had extreme fear of natural childbirth. I valued it deeply but was full of fear of pain and the unknown. Through working Nancy’s program and sessions I was able to have a beautiful natural birth WITHOUT FEAR! I am so happy with the outcome and I’m so glad I put my faith in her gentle and supportive methods. Thank you!

Nancy’s skills in life coaching are truly special. After one session with Nancy I was able to release lifelong negative self talk. The result has been miraculous. I have allowed myself true health and as a result I have lost 50 pounds and counting in 5 months! I’m amazed and grateful. Thank you Nancy!  A.F.

Now that I'm getting used to being a mother ie; doing twenty things at once, I wanted to write and let you know how my birth experience was. Let me start by saying how thankful I am that I found you and we were able to work together.

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Labor - best experience of my life! The saying that worked was "trust your body, trust your baby". I had no problem letting my bottom loose, felt so right. Dr. was amazed that I held a 14 inch head crowning for 10 minutes! One of the nurses photocopied your business card - she's an advocate for HypnoBirthing now!

One of the nurses came back on her own time to see the whole experience - she too is now an advocate. I hope people catch on to this, I will speak to anyone about this. This was the best experience of my whole life Nancy - I'm so grateful I found out about you. If you need me for anything just call. Thank you again,


I would highly recommend Nancy for hypnosis for birth and doula services. baby sleepingAs we prepared for labor using the techniques Nancy shared with us, my husband and I found new ways to communicate our hopes and fears about having our first child. Our prenatal sessions with her provided us with the tools to manage childbirth discomfort and we will continue to use these skills as other life events and challenges arise.

Nancy’s presence was so calming during the birth of our son; she responded appropriately to my signals and helped my husband understand how to enjoy this time. When our birth experience took an unexpected turn, we were able to rely on Nancy for soothing support. Her professionalism and intuitiveness relieved us of many worries. We are lucky to have shared this life event with Nancy.  J.M.

Having you at our baby's birth and all the work before was such a blessing. I am thankful to have had you present for the birth of both of my children. Your ability to inspire calm, peace, and well being is a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. B.C.

mom and babyThank you so much for all your help. Spending time with you really helped me stay calm and relaxed during my labor. I was able to stay home during my early labor, and while I eventually got an epidural, my labor and delivery was a beautiful, peaceful event. I put my "Dr." side away and trusted in myself. I also used your relaxation techniques before my oral board exam, and again remained calm and collected. I passed without problem! Thanks again K. J.

I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful support you provided pre - post and during the birth. Thanks to you and the rest of the team - it went more beautifully than I could have ever hoped! You were essential!  P.S.

Thank you so much for helping me with my fears of after birth. The HypnoBirthing helped me a lot, especially in between the contractions to stay alert. I'm really glad I met you! Thanks again, J.C.

Thank you so much for coming to our birth on such short notice! You made the whole experience very positive for us. We will call you for baby #3! D.K.

Thank you so much for your help with the labor and birth of Baby. Your assistance was invaluable. I especially appreciated you advocacy and support when we were sent home. Going to the park was a great idea that helped me tremendously emotionally. If you ever need a reference or recommendation for your services please call us. K.W.M.

Thank you for making it possible for me to have the birth experience of my dreams. I know I couldn't have done it without your help. I feel so blessed! A.

I haven't had the opportunity to stop by and visit so I thought I would write you a note to let you know how Baby's birth went.

My experience with her birth was everything I planned for it to be. Thank you for your guidance and coaching in Hypnosis for Birth. The hypnosis was a huge help. I couldn't be more happy with how the birth of my daughter went which shows the true power of mind over matter. M.F.

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